Eloïse Depicts Hot Mess From 3° Angle In New Video “Girls Like Me”

Directed by Cherryade

Photo: Charlotte Ambrose

UK songstress Eloïse give us a 3° angle view of female hot mess in her new video “Girls Like Me,” directed by party pop act Cherryade. It’s an homage to the glorious chaotic women out there who defy all the basic standards of boring femininity. We also think it was an excuse for Eloïse to go nuts, coz too much ‘norm’ can suffocate your mind – sometimes you need to go insane to stay sane, ya know?

“Filming this video with Cherryade was the best, they had such a good vision of making three female characters with varying degrees of being a hot mess and we ended up going mental with it. Standing in a bath with a bodybuilder shrine drinking Lambrini is my new favourite pastime! We really wanted to get across that feeling of letting everything you have go and spiraling into some kind of Anna Nicole Smith style nightmare… Girls being allowed to have mental breakdowns is the new thing, watch this space” shared Eloïse.

The 20-year-old artist is currently working on her next EP, which will be out early 2019, so keep her under your radar.