Exorcise Your Ex Outta You With RCKLSS’ “Tell You”

Punk rock for your ex detox

Photo: Courtesy of Domino PR

Brighton-based quartet RCKLSS helps us to flush out all the mental toxins we accumulated from any annoying exes with their latest punk rock piece “Tell You.” With bursting choruses and pressure-building chords, “Tell You” is what we call a form of aggressive therapy. Kinda like boxing, but instead of punching something you get to scream at the top of your lungs – at least vicariously:

“‘Tell You’ was the first song we ever wrote as a band, and is basically an anti-love song about an ex. It takes joy from pointing out the things that you wouldn’t miss about someone; so I guess it could be considered a little cruel, but I think we’ve all been there and felt that way.” shared the four.

The single is from their debut EP So Cynical, which will be self-released on February 1st. If you happen to be in Brighton in the next few days, don’t miss them:

12/14 – The Pipeline (Brighton, UK)