Aaron Taos Shares His Personal Battle With Seasonal/Existential Blues In “Loneliness”

Guitar-powered soothing pop

Photo: Aaron Taos – Loneliness YouTube

NY-based artist Aaron Taos give us a metaphorical portrayal of his own struggle with depression in his new video “Loneliness.” Playing his guitar in isolation, Aaron walks us through the isolating feeling we often experience even when we’re doing what we love the most – which in his case is making music. If you need a mood-booster or reminder to snap out of your winter and existential blues, this video is the answer:

“‘Loneliness’ is a song I wrote when I was going through a really rough patch.  I was in the midst of a bout of depression brought out by a stagnation of my career and wasn’t really leaving the house.  It was winter, which made things worse.  What really helped me feel better was remembering that career/music isn’t everything and appreciating the relationships around me, specifically that of my girlfriend at the time. She was a shining light through my dark time, reminding me that as important as your goals are, connection and love is the foundation of feeling good and whole.

I directed the video with my friend Mike Curry.  The depiction of loneliness in the video is pretty clear with me sitting playing guitar by myself, later on fighting between the good and bad thoughts which is a tiresome endeavor (hence me being physically beaten and dragged off).  I produced the song and it was mixed by Andrew Sarlo who works a lot with Nick Hakim and Big Thief.  I respect those artists a lot and knew he would do a great job of maintaining the gentleness of the track’s sonics.”