Christinna O’s “Shelter” Is Proof That Great Ideas Are Born In The Bathroom

Admit it – it’s the place of epiphanies

Photo: Shabnam Ferdows

We’ve all experienced some form of creative breakthrough or enlightenment in the bathroom at some point in our lives – it may be the warm water or just the confined silence that give us room to think. Christinna O’s latest R&B single “Shelter” is evidence of such epiphanies. Navigating through the enigmatic elements of unsatisfied love, the song captures the gist of heartache that comes when we’re in an emotionally lopsided relationship. Stream below:

“This last time last year, I was writing/conceptualizing this song in my grandmother’s bathroom,” Christinna shared. “I was having more than one account where something or someone was making my love feel small in the world.”

“Shelter” is from her upcoming EP Girl In Passing, which will be out in 2019.