Little White Things Explores The Changing/Stubborn Nature Of Relationships In “In The Fire”

Pop with psychedelic flair

Photo: Courtesy of Kartel PR

Irish/Swedish duo Little White Things takes us into the ever-evolving yet stubborn nature of human relationships in their latest single “In The Fire.” Built on a flood of fizzling synths and guitar strikes, it’s electropop trimmed with psychedelic elements that makes it fuzzy trip to your ears. Stream below:

“‘In The Fire’ is our interpretation of the human relationship and how it continues to evolve whilst staying completely the same and how we all just might love that. Depending on your definition of love.” shared the duo.

Comprised of David and Max who met by serendipity at a late-night party, Little White Things is just warming up to keep dropping new beats in the next 12 months (they’ve written more than 50 songs). Be on the lookout for tour dates as well.