Time To Fist-Pump Your Adrenalines With L D R U’s “Can’t Drive” Ft. Mammals

Pure EDM bliss

Photo: Courtesy of CentPourCent

Aussie producer L D R U knocks our adrenalines to new heights with his latest offering “Can’t Drive” ft. Mammals. With stadium-sized beats that injects us with hair-raising waves, “Can’t Drive” transports us into festival-state of mind with its gargantuan synths. Smash that play button:

Drew Camody is the mastermind behind L D R U who was a carpenter before turning into double gold and platinum producer. We don’t know how good he was with carpentry, but after suffering an accident, he was bedridden for six months which led him to music production. And so far it has worked out for him. He’s had three hits, got nominated for an ARIA award, and performed around the biggest music festivals like HARD, Electric Forest, etc. Although “Can’t Drive” is only the second single from Drew this year, he’s been songsmithing hard in the studio and will be dropping more new materials in 2019.