French Horn Rebellion & Glassio Collab “Love Me Back” Is Pop On R&B Steroids

Like indie pop gets enhanced with R&B flavor

Brooklyn-based band Glassio join forces with French Horn Rebellion in “Love Me Back” – a chest-swelling masterpiece of pop that is pumped with R&B elements. It’s a thrilling and exquisite sound where the various rhythmic twists and grand-sized beats gets your blood rushing through your system. Stream below:

In regards to their collab, Glassio’s Sam Rad shared, “I reached out to Robert on Instagram DMs I think around 2 years ago about doing a show together. One thing led to another and eventually myself, my partner at the time Charles and Robert set up a writing session at the You Too Can Woo studios in Williamsburg. We all started laying down some ideas. I began gibberish-singing some vocal lines and Robert pointed out that it sounded like I was singing something in Spanish. He then called up his Spanish speaking girlfriend during the session and started playing back my isolated vocal track over the speaker phone to decipher what exactly it was I was unconsciously saying. We ended up working out a translation and kept it in there and it became a part of the song.”

Both bands are hibernating for now, but be on the lookout for more tunes and shows next year.