Kelsy Karter’s “Catch Me If You Can” Is The Takeout Version Of The Last Supper

And not everyone made it alive

Photo: Kelsy Karter – Catch Me If You Can YouTube

What happens when you let rock’n’roll offspring recreate the last supper? The answer is Kelsy Karter’s new video “Catch Me If You Can.” It’s unholy and has a dirty glamour to it where bread and wine get replaced with takeout and cocktail. Cheers to that:

As you can tell, Kelsy’s influences come from Queen, The Beatles and The Rolling Stone. “I want to be an artist that speaks to my generation” she shared. If you want a 50-year career then you have to be innovative and ahead of what’s next. The drum patterns and guitar tones on my record definitely veer toward those early Beatles/Stones vibes, but my stories and ideas will always move and grow with me in the modern world.”

Kelsy is originally from Australia, but she is currently based in LA.