Michael Jablonka Navigates Through Our Mental Enigma In “Papier-mâché”


Photo: Michael Jablonka Facebook

For all of us overthinkers out there, Michael Jablonka brings us the ultimate alternative rock track “Papier-mâché” that we can play as we muse over our latest mental puzzle. Drenched with an uplifting anthemic vibe, “Papier-mâché” is a refreshing rock piece that has subtle undertones of blues and grunge. Stream below:

“Sometimes unconsciously an idea might snowball into an emotion that you’re afraid to confront. And ‘Papier-mâché’ for me is that structural object you can’t quite figure out, it’s fragile and easily falls apart if not taken care of.” explained Micahel.

Born and raised in Londo, Michael became an in-demand guitarist since the age of 14 and has toured worldwide. Now he’s working on his own craft and will be dropping new beats in 2019, so stay tuned.