Steve Void Helps Us Find “Closure” On The Dancefloor

Ft. Andy Marsh

Photo: Steve Void Facebook

Rising artist Steve Void helps us find closure with 2018 via his latest single “Closure” ft. Andy Marsh. It’s a house piece that is embellished with the groovy elements of pop, making it this the last dancefloor hero of 2018. You can continue playing this beyond this year, BUT for the remaining days of December, this is the song that you’ll be blasting as you dance off all the goods and bads that happened:

Steve is originally from Netherlands and started songsmithing at the age of 15. He broke into the scene with his viral remix of The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” which broke over 7 million. Since then Steve has been amassing over 90 million streams and releasing originals. Be on the look out for more of his works next year.