Yoste’s “Chihiro” Is Wanderlust Chilltronica

“I’m only young but that was long ago”

Photo: Alex Carlyle

Brisbane artist Yoste feeds our wanderlust with his new chilltronic single “Chihiro” where he takes us into an ethereal atmosphere that stretches the corners of our imagination. The song is minimalistic lyrically, but it’s the expansive and swelling ambience that really hits your emotional pressure points. Stream below:

“This was the first song I wrote for Yoste. It wasn’t all that long ago and yet it feels as if it was. I wanted to keep it very simple, almost bare. The structure is unconventional. There is a single melody, only two verses and no real chorus. I wanted the vocals to be almost childlike in their melody and sound, which largely stemmed from the ethereal nature of the instrumentation. Thematically it was about trying to capture a feeling of wonder, of being lost in a good way. I wanted it to feel the way Hayao Miyazaki films feel, hence the name Chihiro.” shared Yoste.

“Chihiro” is from Yoste’s upcoming EP, try to be okay, which will be out on February 15th via Akira Records.