Someone’s “Pull It Together” Is For All Of Us Who Have <10% Of Our Sh*t Together

Exactly less than 10%

Photo: Bibian Bingen

Amsterdam artist Someone (aka Tessa Rose Jackson) give us a stunning piece of psych-pop that pays homage to 90s electronica titled “Pull It Together.” It’s a swirling tune where the dreamy vocals of Someone take you on a mind-wandering journey into all the shit you can’t seem to pull it together. Stream below:

“Pull It Together” is from her upcoming new EP Orbit, which will be released along with an augmented reality exhibition in Amsterdam, London, Berlin, and Paris. The EP is mostly comprised of cosmic metaphors as a way to represent our current overstimulated generation. We don’t know when Orbit will be out, but you can ask her at Eurosonic in person:

1/18 – Eurosonic (Groningen, Netherlands)