Bogan Via’s “Videos” Is Electropop Drunk With Nostalgia & Lucid Dreams

The perfect raincheck from reality

Photo: Courtesy of Working Brilliantly

LA-based duo Bogan Via makes dreamy electropop that has gothic grit and psychedelic twists, which makes it the ideal soundtrack for distracting yourself or hardcore meditating. Just play “Videos” and you’ll be immediately transported into your own memories of heartbreak, beauty, aging, and all the significant bit memories that give value to your own existence – play:

“Videos” is from Bogan Via’s latest LP, Tough To Kill, which was released back in December 7th. The duo will be playing some shows around LA in the upcoming weeks, so go check them out:

1/14 – Bardot (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

3/5 – The Love Song Bar (Los Angeles, CA, USA)