Fat White Family’s “Feet” Is Where late 70s Pop Meets Slick Modern Funk

It’s starry-eyed, blissful and ominous at the same time

Photo: Ben Graville

London-based act Fat White Family is returning to our ears in full force with their latest track “Feet” – a taste of their upcoming third album Serfs Up! out on April 19th. “Feet” sounds ominously euphonious where you can’t help but notice the traces of late 70s pop. Layered with intricate tints of modern funk, “Feet” is the type of track you can play on-repeat without getting tired:

After releasing their second album, Songs For Our Mothers, the band wnent back to the studio in January 2016 and started songsmithing what is now Sefs Up!. Recorded in Sheffield, the album also features guest apearances from Baxter Dury. Be on the lookout for the new album and tour dates.