3 Wise Reasons Why You Should See The Technicolors At The Satellite

Hey, if you’re in LA go check ‘em out on January 25th – easy street parking

Photo courtesy of the band

We try (mega emphasis on try) to help you make really good life decisions – like what music you should listen to and whether or not you should wear a Viking helmet (don’t):

Because it’s Friday and it’s stressful to plan out your future (especially what you’ll be doing on the 25th) , we decided to share a useful advice to make your life even easier: go see The Technicolors’ headline show at The Satellite (somewhere in Silver Lake, google it). Here are 3 wise reasons why you should see them:

1. They have a cool Instagram…which means, they’re gonna look dope on your Instagram

They’re originally from Phoenix and includes founder Brennan Smiley (lead vocals, guitar, helmet aficionado), Sean Silverman (guitar, keys, backing vocals), Nico Nicolette (bass guitar), and Austin Scates (drum, percussion). Except for Brennan, everybody has a great sense of fashion and are pretty photogenic for your next Insta adventure.

2. Their music is the result of graceful copulation between garage rock and psychedelia.

3. Plenty of street parking and cheapass drinks at The Satellite

Crucial for LA folks out there.

Go see them at The Satellite on Friday, January 25th. Seriously, parking is easy af.