Malihini’s “Delusional Boy” Is A Coastal Psych Pop Vacay For Your Mind

Meet the Rome-based duo

Photo: Courtesy of Big Mouth Publicity

Malihini, the project of Roman-based couple Giampaolo Speziale and Federica Caiozzo, injects us with coastal highs in their new single “Delusional Boy.” Sparked with psychedelic twists and washed with electropical lo-fi vibe, the track exudes a summer scent that gives us a break from winter chaos. Stream below:

Malihini (‘newcomers’ in Hawaiian) formed by a cinematic serendipity when Speziale met Caiozzo from a chance encounter in 2015. Speziale offered a ride to Caiozzo who was hitchhiking at the time after a distraught incident with her ex. But unlike Hollywood romcoms, they didn’t fall in love and lived happily ever after. Actually, after that encounter, they didn’t cross paths for like 3 months. Anyways, the universe brought them together again at a concert and since they they’ve been partners-in-crime making music together.

“Delusional Boy” is from the duo’s debut album Hopefully, Again, which will be out on March 8th.  Be on the lookout for more beats from the duo in the upcoming weeks.