Maximillian Smashes Another Live Session With “Hold On”

Pristine vocal euphony

Danish rising artist Maximillian shares his vocal finesse with his latest live session of “Hold On” where he reminds us of the bigger picture. Even though it’s live, it doesn’t feel acoustic as his words feel like euphonious explosions in your ears that feel weirdly soothing and invigorating at the same time. Watch below”

“I’ve written a song about the bigger picture. How life and family can fall apart and make you want to run away and leave everything behind. But it’s also about the little voice inside your head that tells you to do the right thing: to run back and hold on!” shared Maximillian.

After stalking his Facebook, we found out that Maximillian have been songsmithing like mad in the past year and will be sharing more songs in the upcoming months. Make sure to keep him under your list of stalkees.