Rina Mushonga Drops New Bluesy Afropop Single “For A Fool”

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Photo: Courtesy of Super Cat PR

Dutch-Zimbabwean artist Rina Mushonga swings between heartbreak and betrayal in her new single “For A Fool.” Washed with glimmering layers of blues, “For A Fool” is constructed on an Afropop skeleton that ebbs and inflates like a tickling heart bomb. Stream below:

In regards to the single, Rina explained “this is an old love song or rather heart-ache song. Old, in the sense that it was plucked into existence over a period of time-in parts fictional in others less so…in a way it chronicles a betrayed lover tormented by the desire to trust again whilst acknowledging that everything has been tainted and can’t go back to how they were.”

“For A Fool” is Rina’s upcoming album In A Galaxy, which will be out on February 15.