Isla June’s “Knew You When” Is A Throwback To Our Bolder Youth

Fuzzy pop made of nostalgia

Photo: Morgan Demeter

LA-based artist Isla June reminisces the days of youth daringness and boldness in her new single “Know You When.” We’ve all heard that once we become grown-ups, we care less about what people think and that we find our ‘true selves.’ That’s some bullshit grown-ups made to make feel better about themselves. Trust us, it doesn’t get better – if anything, it gets harder to be more ‘true to yourself’ as you age. Isla June captures the glorious, bygone days of her early days when she making music without any ‘adult fears’ in her fizzling single. It’s an ode and resignation of the boldness we tend to lose as we age:

“I wrote ‘Knew You When’ just before quitting my full time day job in advertising,” explained Isla June. “After spending the last four years sitting in an office all day, I was itching to leave and create more space to pursue music. For nearly a decade I had watched (admittedly with some envy) those around me – friends and old classmates from my days at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute – choose music over everything else. I kept thinking back to the last time I really put music first, when I truly fell in love with writing and performing. It was with my best friends in high school in the first band I was ever in. ‘Knew You When’ is that bittersweet nostalgia for a time I missed dearly, for a version of myself I missed dearly.”

Isla June is the project of Jenna Maranga, whose work has been featured on CW’s Riverdale, playlists, and Free People stores. Yes, you are not crazy if you thought her voice sounded familiar. The gal will be rolling out more singles this year, so keep her under your radar.