Time To Get Your Personal Sobriety In Check With daste’s “Sober”

Lo-fi funk

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Aussie trio daste helps us keep our personal sobriety in check with their latest lo-fi funk, indietronic single “Sober.” It’s not necessarily related to alcohol – ‘personal sobriety’ can be interpreted in your own way. You may be intoxicated with pessimism, distractions, or whatever that may keep your mind away from thinking clearly. Enjoy below:

“The ideation of ‘SOBER’ isn’t exactly in relation to being under the influence in anyway. I think ultimately it speaks to the sense of, not being intoxicated, but rather, having a clear mind from anything taking you away from yourself. The track speaks to using our experiences, but we hope each person can interpret it differently.” explained daste.

Comprised of Tyler Harden, Callum MacDonald and Braxton Tahl, daste formed in 2017. “Sober” is the trio’s second release on Mammal Sounds Records.