All We Want Is Broken Social Scene’s New EP ‘Let’s Try The After – Vol 1’

Meanwhile, listen to “All I Want”

Photo: Richmond Lam

Canadian band Broken Social Scene have announced the arrival date of their new EP Let’s Try The After – Vol 1 today along with a new single “All I Want.: The EP, which is will be out on February 15th, falls right after Valentine’s Day so if you are looking into flushing out all the lamestream cheesiness that society has been injecting you since beginning of this month, this is your record to detox and reconnect. Check out “All I Want” below:

In regards to the upcoming EP, the band shared:

“The ceremony of dying generations without any guidelines for how to move forward makes

these times easy for the mirror wars to continue.

We can hide in the beauty of what has been stolen from us because somewhere there is mystery in not knowing.

How can the ruined survive without a back up plan?

Let’s try the after.”

Broken Social Scenes have upcoming residencies in Los Angeles and Montreal. One dollar from every US ticket will be donated to Youth Speaks, an organization that provides arts programs for disadvantaged youth across America. Similarly, one dollar from every Canadian ticket will go to support MusicCounts, which helps in providing musical instruments to children who need them most. Residency dates below:

5/21 – Corona Theatre (Montreal, QC, Canada)

5/22 – Corona Theatre (Montreal, QC, Canada)

6/5 – The Fonda Theatre (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

6/6 – The Fonda Theatre (Los Angeles, CA, USA)