Cathedral Bells’ “Ethereal Shadow” Is Dedicated For Your Existential Moments

Existential shoegaze

Photo: Courtesy of Good Eye Records

Orlando-based act Cathedral Bells takes us into the smudged, abstract land of shoegaze and existentialism with their latest offering “Ethereal Shadow.” Just like it’s title, the track is one glorious excuse way to wade your mind into the unknown – and by the unknown, we mean the daily thoughts of change, doubts, and mysteries that keep sporadically bombarding us on a daily basis. It’s stretchy and swishes with an enigmatic air of unearthliness that takes your neurons away from the reality. Stream below:

“It took over a year working on the song ‘Ethereal Shadow,’ and with this came a lot of change in my life. I wrote about the transitions and uncertainty of life.” explained Cathedral Bells’ Matt Messore.

Cathedral Bells is the collaborative project of Mathew Messore and David Carey who will be releasing their self-titled EP on February 1st via Good Eye Records, so mark your calendars.