DAVID44’s “Other Side” Is An I-Got-You-Babe Anthem For Type A Personalities Out There

Live session

Photo: Samy Khabthani

Icelandic artist DAVID44, aka David Olafsson, reminds us the importance of donating our hearts and time to loved ones in his new live session video “Other Side.” Stripped from any instrumental embellishments except for a guitar, DAVID44 lets his vocal muscles really be the showstopper of this anthem. If you’re a Type A personality (meaning you tend overcomplicate your life by overworking), then this is a reminder to take a breather and give some love once in awhile. Watch below:

“This is for tough times, when two people slowly drift apart because of personal goals and dreams get in the way of love. But this is a ‘I got you, babe!’ type of song about not giving up. A promise to meet on the other side.” shared David.

David’s currently working on his debut album, so keep an eye on him.