Isle Of You Throws An 80s Heartbreak Pop Party In “Change Of Heart”

Swedish version of classic Madonna

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Swedish duo Isle of You throws a chic 80s pop party in their new single “Change Of Heart” where they use heart-throbbing beats drenched with hopeless romance. The track feels like a memento of Madonna’s reign, but with a Scandinavian touch It’s a timeless treat and remedy:

“‘If 80’s broken hearted Madonna wrote a song 2018, how would it sound?’ we asked ourselves writing ‘Change of Heart.’ Combining that with our own experiences of hearts in pieces we created this darker, sad party, pop theme about missing someone so much that you’ll do anything to relive the good times you had with this person.” explained the duo.

Comprised of Ida Johansson and Elina Danielsson, Isle of You formed in back in 2008 in Stockholm. Since then, they’ve performed at major music Swedish festivals and have garnered praise from other artists such as Sia. They have a show coming up next month and will be releasing more music soon, so keep an eye on them:

2/13 – Glashuset WY13 (Stockholm, Sweden)