Heavy Heart’s “Bed Bug” Is A Song Born Out Of Dirty Sheets

‘Dirty’ as in you need to put your shit together and do your laundry

Photo: Chiara Ceccaioni

UK alternative rockers Heavy Heart explores the skin-crawling, dark corners of our bedsheets in their new single “Bed Bug.” It’s dreamy and emotional, but at the same time eerie for the bloodthirsty lyrics and carnal imageries that the quartet throws at us. Whether “Bed Bug” is a good reminder to wash your bedsheets or a reflection of a parasitic relationship, it’s up to what you need the most:

“‘Bed Bug’ is a nocturnal love song exploring obsession and lethargy, sex, blood and dirty sheets. It’s about staying in bed all day and staying awake all night, feeling your skin crawl and your nerves itch. It’s also about the beauty and agony of loving someone to the point of self-destruction; picking the wounds open again just to feel the way it felt the first time” shared Heavy Heart.

Wash your bedsheets at least once a month and go see the four in person:

1/25 – The Old Blue Last (London, UK)

1/30 – The Shacklewell Arms (London, UK)