Hips’ “Upsidown” Is A Time Capsule Of Disco Heyday

Yes, “Upsidown.” We didn’t fuck up our spelling this time

Photo: Courtesy of Lucid Online

Swedish trio Hips fuels us with a hyper amount of disco and funk with their latest offering “Upsidown” where they lets us relive the energy of old school disco amped up with modern synthpop. It’s colorful, refreshing, and perfect to un-shitty any L mood you may be in (thanks Twitter). Stream below:

“‘Upsidown’ is our tribute to all the funky love songs of the disco era. It’s a song about those situations where you’re going about your day and suddenly lay eyes on somebody extra cute on the subway, in the club or the library and they look back at you with the same admiration. ‘Upsidown’ is about that moment when you fall deeply in love, when everything around you starts spinning and the world turns upside down, even if just for a minute before you come back to reality… ” shared the trio.

Hips are either super private or just lazy on social media, so we don’t know much about them. But they’ll probably start dropping