Hembree Scratches The Surface Of Faux Royalty In “Culture”

From their upcoming quarter midlife crisis album

Photo: Stephen Shireman

Hembree takes us through the delusional perception of power that intoxicates us in their new single “Culture.” It’s a criticism of our blind tendency to believe and pursue things without really reflecting its value. All seriousness aside, “Culture” on it’s own is a fizzy infusion of rock, Millennial wisdom, and oozing atmosphere that showcase the band’s boundless style. Stream below:

“These days we put so much emphasis on things that lack actual significance. Everything is urgent and I wanted to try to capture this urgency in a song and question what we prioritize. It’s about taking the time to stop and reflect; to think for yourself and establish your own opinions. The song also touches on the lengths people go to for status and power. There’s the realization that these qualities don’t actually equal happiness. Thus, ‘the king of the culture is never really free…’” explained Hembree’s Isaac Flynn.

Hembree broke into the scene with their 2015 single “Can’t Run Forever,” which garnered buzz across SoundCloud and record labels. But rather than continuously dropping songs, Hembree took the time polish and find its sound. After releasing their debut EP and scoring a radio hit (“Holy Water”), Hembree ended up signing with Nashville-based Thirty Tigers label group. “Culture” is a glimpse of their upcoming debut album House On Fire, which will be out on April 26 via Thirty Tigers. “The album is about being from the Midwest and owning it, but at the same time being torn by whether or not it’s where we’re supposed to be,” shared Flynn. “I’m 27 but I feel like it’s a coming of age record, too.”

Yup, this is definitely a record for your quarter midlife crisis.