Natan Day’s “Vertigo” Is For All Of Us Who Do C+ At Life Or Life Is C+ At Us

For all of us who kinda sorta do acceptable in life

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Do you generally suck at life? Or feel like life sucks for you? We all had that feeling when shit hits the fan and pushes on the verge of a breakdown. UK artist Natan Day helps us wrestle with this emotional hurdle with his latest single “Vertigo,” an it-is-what-it-is anthem that help us reach the ‘acceptance’ stage of our grief. “Vertigo” is a cinematic piece that channels the old school vibe of rock’n’roll with a touch of New Age meditative vibe. Forget transcendental yoga or organic detox mindfulness, “Vertigo” is your free ticket for some mental peace:

“I think Vertigo’s about dealing with mood swings.. I can’t tell if I’m diabolical at life or if life is diabolical. So I thought I’d take Ronan Keating’s advice and just ride the alleged rollercoaster.” shared Natan.

Based in London where he is currently residing on Courtney Love guitarist Micko Larkins floor, Natan is a 24-year-old artist who first broke into the scene with his alt-rock band Darlia. Despite the success of Darlia, Natan decided to pursue a solo endeavor after going through a rough battle with anxiety and heartbreak. Be on the lookout for more of Natan’s singles and follow him on Instagram.


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