Diskopunk’s “Never Die For You” Is Realistically Danceable & Applicable To Life

Meet the illegitimate offspring of disco and punk

Photo: Courtesy of Top Button Digital

Hailing from Sweden, Diskopunk describe their sound as “a decadent ABBA with grandiose chord-driven pop songs beefed up with post punk parts; raging distorted synthesizers, guitar riffs and a hell of a lot of percussion.” We describe it as the illegitimate offspring between disco and punk filled with fritzes and glimmering spasm that swerves between the club and rock stage. Check out their single “Never Die For You” – a very realistic depiction of life:

You might as well stream their whole EP:

The Swedish quintet has a show coming up in London soon, so don’t miss them:

2/8 – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen (London, UK)