Mr. Koifish’s “Be Loud” Is An ASMR-Infused Psych Rock

So soft

Photo: Courtesy of Fancy PR

Danish artist Mr. Koifish brushes our ears with a soft, feathery barrage of synths with his latest psych synthrock single “Be Loud.” Unlike its title, “Be Loud” is actually an ear-cushioning piece that falls more on the squishy end of the sonic spectrum. Think of ASMR on steroids that is just loud enough to keep your consciousness afloat, but quiet enough to swish through your ears. Stream below:

In regards to the single, he shared “The psychedelic pictures painted tell a story about letting go and feeling care free, seeing the world from far above, floating in that perfect place.”

Morten Køie is the mastermind behind Mr. Koifish who was previously named ‘Best Danish Live Act’ in the 2011 Danish Music Awards. Morten will be rolling out more singles in the upcoming months and has a show coming up soon, so go see him:

2/1 – Templet (Kongens Lyngby, Denmark)