Spazz Cardigan’s “S.O.S.” Is A Self-Help Cry From Bad Habits


Photo: Courtesy of Filter PR

Nashville artist Spazz Cardigan takes us into a cathartic play of robust synths and expansive chords in his new single “S.O.S.” – which feels like a cry for self-help. Unlike its sanguine spirit, the lyrics tap into our own natural stubbornness that often lead to destructive consequences. And even if we know that we’ll be fucking up, we continue doing it. “S.O.S.” is a festive anthem that admits our own flawed nature where Spazz Cardigan captures the guilt and willingness of falling into bad habits:

“S.O.S.” is from Spazz Cardigan’s upcoming EP Vulnerabilia, which will be out on March 22nd. Originally from Louisville, Spazz Cardigan is a self-taught musician who grew up listening to NSYNC, Micahel Jackson, and Queen to name a few. By the age of 11, he started playing a bunch of gigs and covering punk music while also learning production. After graduating high school, he decided to pursue music full time and moved to Nashville where he wrote and recorded his LP I by crashing from couch to couch. He debuted I in early 2017 and made waves across playlists with his singles “Over,” “Episode,” and more. He’ll be playing a show tonight in LA, so go see him coz it’s a free show:

1/29 – Madam Siam (Los Angeles, CA, USA)