ACRYLIC Dissects Our DNA To Fu:)ck Up Perfection In “I’ve Got Too Many Friends”

Psychedelic rock with shoegaze ADD

Photo: ACRYLIC Facebook

Despite our obsession with perfection, it is part of our inherent nature to fuck up things that are aligned in golden ration. Glasgow quintet ACRYLIC delineates that ominous feeling we get when everything seems so right yet doomed in their new single “I’ve Got Too Many Friends.” It’s psych rock twisted with lush, ethereal touch of shoegaze that takes you wandering to all your past fuckups. Yes, we all need a life do-over button:

“‘I’ve Got Too Many Friends’ is a song about feeling as though you’ve found yourself in an ideal situation, with all the pieces falling together perfectly, and knowing that you’re still going to mess it up because you have a tendency to do so. It’s about a rift developing in a relationship, and explores the naive idea that sex will resolve your issues at that stage, even though you know it will in fact be a colourless and sad affair – nothing like what it used to be – and will most likely send you straight to the abyss.” Shared ACRYLIC.

Comprised of Andreas, Ross, Ruairidh, Lewis, and Jack, ACRYLIC formed back in 2014. The quintet has a show coming up in March so go party with them:

3/20 – The Tooth & Claw (Inverness, Scotland)