Erik Sing’s “My Back” Ft. Sully P Is An Eletropical Appreciation Of Loyalty

Afro-beat infused groove

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Aussie producer teams up with US artist Sully P in new single “My Back” where he glides us into the cathartic soundscape of electropical pop. It’s buoyant and fuels your spirits, making you forget about the shitty weather. Stream below:

“The song is about having that one person in your life who you want to know is going to be by your side through everything. The good and the bad. Knowing that sometimes you will disagree with each other, but even though you have both made mistakes, it doesn’t matter in the end because you know you will stick it out together.” shared Erik.

“My Back” is the first glimpse of what Erik has in store for us this year and is available on every platform imaginable.