Midnight Pool Party’s “Slow Down” Is Dance Anthem For The Ex-Stranded Victims

Disco house

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Aussie duo Midnight Pool Party is back with another party anthem titles “Slow Down” for getting over your ex AND partying your heart out. Although it starts with a warm, serene air, it quickly builds up to a cathartic groove that feels groove therapy. Stream below:

“‘Slow Down’ was written at the time I was working things out with an ex-lover and wanted to take things slow. It’s about getting caught-up in the heat of the moment but realising you need to take a step back, slow it down and try to appreciate the situation more.” shared Midnight Pool Party’s Darren Morilla.

The track is from Midnight Pool Party’s upcoming EP Motions, which will be out soon so stay tuned.