HAVVK’s “Birds On A Wire” Is A Broody Meditation Of Abysmal Relationships

Eerie, dark, and exquisite

Photo: Courtesy of A Badge Of Friendship

UK gal HAVVK analyzes a destructive relationship to its bone in her new single “Birds On A Wire,” an eerily alternative rock piece that is layered with dark tints and hazy thoughts we end up hoarding when we get caught with someone toxic. The ominous melancholia and HAVVK’s echoing vocals capture that feeling of impending doom in the most euphoniously guilty way – stream below:

In regards to the influence of the song, Julie shared, “I don’t often write about relationships, but I went down a bit of a rabbit hole one day, thinking of my younger self and imagining how much I was willing to compromise rather than disrupt. I think it’s a kind of fear and selfishness that many of us have been guilty of and it’s a dangerous cycle to get in to. It’s about fixing yourself into a routine and familiarity until one day you wake up and the situation is hurtful and resentful and it feels like world is spinning on without you.”

Julie Hawk is the mastermind behind HAVVK who have been working with Belfast-based producer Rocky O’Reilly in the past two years to hone her sound. She also co-founded SelfMade, a platform that helps people explore DIY music in Ireland. “Birds On A Wire” is from her upcoming debut album Cause & Effect, which will be out later this year.