Jesse Markin Navigates Through Departures & Closures In “Jericho”

And manages look too rad

Photo: Courtesy of Lucid Online

Jesse Markin depicts the different forms of departures and the closures we experience in his new video “Jericho” where he immerses into different scenarios where we are forced to let go. Whether its is something small or big, letting go is always unsettling. The vast, snow landscpaes and Jesse’s broody face throughout the video channel the emotional intensity of such process. In a way, the video looks like some form of rebirth where Jesse gets to play with snow and fire towards the end – yes, we’re jealous:

“To reach our goals we have to break down the walls holding us back. ‘Jericho’ is a song about letting go and trough that, finding peace. The name of the song came from the Old Testament, where the Israelites had to start from the walls of Jericho to get to their promised land. These walls can be found everywhere and that was the idea that led to a song.” Explained Jesse. “The theme of the ‘Jericho’ music video revolves around the idea of letting go. In the video we have a set of stories that are connected by this idea. For example, Jesse’s character is put in a situation where he is forced to choose between lifting his finger off the switch or not. Or, the woman who is depicted as having lost a loved one. Or the kid letting go of his balloon. All these stories represent life saying that sometimes to get closure we have to let go but it’s all up to the individual.”

Born in Liberia but now based in Finland, Jesse has been the vocalist of the acclaimed hip-hop group The Megaphone State for the past 12 years With this solo venture, Jesse is stepping into more atmospheric territories. Make sure to keep an ear out for more singles.