The Only Ocean Makes Love Songs Out Of Fake Flowers & Psych Pop

Coz fake flowers last forever

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Cali-based trio The Only Ocean takes psych-pop canvass and graffitis it with post-punk colors with their sound. It’s dreamy, edgy, and evokes a retro atmosphere that echoes nostalgia. Their latest single “Fake Sunflowers” is a hope-for-hopeless type of romantic song where the trio takes us into a joyride of cheerful melancholia. Stream below:


In regards to the song, the band shared “It’s about holding onto that hope that you’ll end up back with that special person. Giving them their space so they can fix themselves in order to continue your relationship with them. There’s not a line in the song that isn’t true. When I say ‘I’ll give you fake sunflowers over and over ‘cause that’s how much you mean to me,’ I really did that. For some reason I never gave her real flowers. They were always fake. It was just our thing. Real flowers die, she can hold on to the fake ones forever.”

The Only Ocean are childhood friends Wesley Hill, Shae Kakos, and Alex Burdes. The single is the follow up of their sophomore EP TOO, which was released back in June 2016. The three musketeers are currently working on new music, so stay tuned.