Bayonne’s “Same” Is A Disruption To Stagnancy

Detailed, intricate chaos

Photo: Jackie Lee Young

Austin-based artist Bayonne, aka Roger Sellers brings disruption to the dull and auto-pilot mode we tend to fall with his latest offering “Same.” At its surface, the track is a savvy chaos built with intricate chords and pumping synths that coalesce into a colossal wave of goosebumps. There’s an emotional transparency to Bayonne’s own battle with his creativity where he tries to break away from the comfort of mundanity. Stream below:

In regards to “Same” Bayonne explained that the “song is mostly about the craft of making music and the experience involved with it. It’s about progressing as an artist and the struggle to move forward to try new things and not stay the ‘same.’ I basically was writing it as I was going along to capture the raw feelings and insecurities that can occur when writing music. The lyrics ‘I think in the morning / I’m willing to proceed’ and ‘I can’t pick a lane for many more melodies’ communicate the frustrations with procrastination and indecisiveness that I was battling, creatively, at the time.”

“Same” is from Bayonne’s new record Drastic Measures, which will be out on February 22nd via Mom + Pop Music. Bayonne will start touring in April, so memorize all the lyrics of Drastic Measures and sing along when you see him:

2019 North American

4/13 – Gasa Gasa (New Orleans, LA, USA)

4/14 – The Earl (Atlanta, GA, USA)

4/15 – Cat’s Cradle – Back Room (Carrboro, NC, USA)

4/16 – Gallery 5 (Richmond, VA, USA)

4/18 – Rough Trade (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

4/19 – Johnny Brenda’s (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

4/20 – Songbyrd (Washington, DC, USA)

4/21 – Great Scott (Allston, MA, USA)

4/22 – Le Ministère (Montreal, QC, USA)

4/23 – The Monarch Tavern (Toronto, ON, Canada)

4/25 – Ace of Cups (Columbus, OH, USA)

4/26 – Schubas Tavern (Chicago, IL, USA)

4/27 – 7th Street Entry (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

4/28 – The Raccoon Motel (Davenport, IA, USA)

4/30 – Lost Lake Lounge (Denver, CO, USA)

5/3 – Barboza (Seattle, WA, USA)

5/4 – Doug Fir Lounge (Portland, OR, USA)

5/6 – Rickshaw Stop (San Francisco, CA, USA)

5/7 – The Echo (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

5/9 – Casbah (San Diego, CA, USA)

5/10 – 191 Toole (Tucson, AZ, USA)