Birch Give Us “Spelling Lessons” On Sexism

“Let your retinas burn / I’m not for everyone”

Photo: Courtesy of LaFamos PR

NY-based artist Birch peels the absurd layers of sexism in her newest single “Spelling Lessons” – a razor-sharp track that cuts right through gender barriers. Glossed with femme ager and crafty, savant harmony, “Spelling Lessons” morphs the stereotypical gender prejudice into a lush analytical narrative. Stream below:

“‘Spelling Lessons’ is a song about first experiences with sexist behavior. The first time I was taught that girls exist FOR boys, not WITH boys,” explained Birch. “I was in 6th grade and I bent over in the library to grab a book. My shirt rode up a bit showing part of my back and the librarian standing nearby chastised me telling me, ‘Young lady, your back is showing. I won’t have you in here distracting the boys.’ I was shocked, confused and embarrassed.”

“Spelling Lessons” is from Brich’s upcoming record, which will be out this spring.