Sacre’s “8:00PM Junglization” Is A Nocturnal Love Story Of Art, Identity, & Dreams

Narrative synthpop

Photo: Courtesy of The Playground PR

French duo Sacre offers an intimate narrative of finding self-love in their latest single “8:00PM Junglization.” It’s a cinematic electropop piece where the thumping beats and smoky choruses take a life of their own. Dark, elegant, and enigmatic, the track feels like watching a noir film where you’re the protagonist – stream below:

“We wrote that track because we do think self-love is the unique key of love. Where we are in the story: now It’s 8pm. The girl with the red beret is still dreaming in front on her vahine. On the other side of the city, a journalist from Radio 64 is interviewing Hawaii in a bar. The perfect occasion for him to be heard talking about love” shared Sacre.

The single is from their Love Revolution album, which is comprised of both music and photography that tells a different story. In regards to the album, the duo shared,

“We’re quite proud to present you our 1st album Love Revolutionmade of songs, storytelling, photographies and brain juice: A sweet arsonist stripper on the run, an ancient love stone, an irritating psychic, the first wedding of a mute gas attendant, the very famous Coconut Bar, dark mavericks from Mount Olympus…All that (and more) in a single night that everyone will forget. 🙂

We gonna release 1 track every first Friday of the month during one year. Each track will reveal a part of our story and will be illustrated by the great photographer THOMAS BRAUT.

Can’t wait to share it with you!”

Mark your calendars.