Talkboy’s “Someone Else For You” Is A Love Song For Yourself

Self-care anthem for your heart

Photo: Daisie Jacobs

With a pinch of psychedelia, UK band Talkboy makes an indie pop sound that swirls you into a perky soundscape. Their latest single “Someone Else For You” is a love song for yourself where they teach us that in order to do anyone else, you have to do yourself first. With a glowing edginess, “Someone Else For You” is a self-care track that we could all use after a shitty relationship:

“‘Someone Else For You’ is our first venture into the scary world of the love song. It’s a very honest account of a relationship I had that wasn’t even really a relationship. In retrospect, it was one of those that meant a whole lot more to me than it did to the other person, it’s weird to look back and think of all the things you did to try to impress someone. Ultimately, I think you just have to be you, which is sometimes a lot easier said than done” shared guitarist Tim Malkin.

Comprised of Katie Heap (vocals), Calum Juniper (vocals), Tim Malkin (guitar), Charlotte Jones (keys), Tom Sargent (bass), and Jake Greenway (drums), Talkboy have been making buzz across the Leeds indie scene. The band will be releasing more singles and playing several shows in the upcoming months, so go say hi:

2/11 – YES (Manchester, UK)

5/4 – Live At Leeds (Leeds, UK)