Anna Shoemaker Navigates Through The Corners Of Urban Romance In “East Side Too” Ft. TYLERXCORDY

Soulful pop

Photo: Anna Shoemaker – East Side Too (feat. TYLERxCORDY) [Official Video] YouTube

Anna Shoemaker’s latest video “East Side Too” ft. TYLERXCORDY is a visual stunner that captures the essence of young love in the metropolis. It’s starry-eyed and heartbreaking video where we see Anna experience the vibrant spirit of the city with someone and the overwhelming emptiness when she’s left alone. Watch below:

In regards to the song, Anna shared:

“Tyler was traveling when I sent him ‘East Side Too,’ but he sent me a rough demo of something he’d written over the instrumental and I was like, ‘shit ok this is really good!’ His verse feels very effortless and genuine and that’s really important to me for this song.

I’d been trying to come up with a video idea for this literally since I wrote it. All of my other songs have videos but for some reason I’ve just been really precious about this one. Eleanor Petry, our director, sent the craziest treatment to us with all of these stills from movies like ‘Christiane F’ and ‘Chunking Express’ and all the pressure on me completely lifted. I think the coolest thing about working with her was just how supportive her and her team was—I was surrounded by so many badass women (Petry, Ella Cepeda, Andi Metro and Sierra Stinson) .I never felt myself over-thinking or feeling self-conscious about the way I looked. I really was able to just get into it and that’s really difficult when you’re surrounded by virtual strangers trying to make something meaningful!

I feel like I grew a lot just in the making of this version of ‘East Side,’ as well as the video, so I am already excited for my next project. It’s hard to explain but I feel like I am in a different head space after this and excited to grow as an artist even more.”

Anna is currently working on her sophomore EP in Nashville with Grammy-nominated producer JT Daly.