Kim Churchill’s “After The Sun” Is Chill Electropical Remedy For Anxiety & Bad Weather

It’s like summer in your ears

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

Aussie singer Kim Churchill puts us in a chill af mode with his latest electropical treat “After The Sun.” Co-produced by house/hip-hop producer Vincent Kottkamp, “After The Sun” refigures pop with atmospheric rhythms and warm tones that evokes the paradisiacal air of summer. Through its serene mood and perky melodic arrangements, Kim reminds his listeners to slow down with a playful flair. Stream below:

“The decision to work with Vince was kind of playful,” explained Kim, “to not try so hard, just go in, have fun, make the music, don’t get anxious if he throws in an electronic sound that that you feel is not you. Just give room to exist and have fun.”

The track is from Kim’s upcoming EO, which will be out later this year. He has shows coming up in March, so go ask him the official release date – peer pressure is far more efficient in person:

3/15 – TheForth Valley Blues Festival (Forth, TAS, Australia)

3/16 – Waratah Hotel (Hobart, TAS, Australia)