Sun Silva’s “Sun Skin Air” Is Krautrock Born Out Of Sweat, Humidity, & Cheap Hostels

ACs & fans are overrated

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

UK quartet Sun Silva showers us with incessant riffage while capturing the woes of being in an AC and fan-free hostel in their new single “Sun Skin Air.” The quartet purposefully chose that hostel coz a) it’s cheap b) manmade air is overrated and c) needed inspo for a song. Just kidding…although a) could be true. Anyways, whether their stay is considered serendipity or tragedy, we got “Sun Skin Air” – a riveting piece that showcases ambitious structures of krautrock coated with kaleidoscopic air. With a laidback aggression, Sun Silva sketches out the frustrations of a first world problem we all experienced staying at a cheap, all-natural hostel. Enjoy blow:

“We wrote ‘Sun Skin Air’ in a horrible hostel with no fan during a visit to Spain. It’s a hard hitter, kind of Krauty and a bit gritty – probably due to the frustration of being in that room. This song is much weirder than ‘Blue Light’, which is the way we wanted to go with this one.” shared the four.

Sun Silva will be hitting the road in the spring, so go see them:

3/11 – Omeara (London, UK)

5/4 – Live At Leeds (Leeds, UK)

5/5 – Hit The North (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)