New Atlas Taps Into Unresolved Daddy Issues In “Lay Low”

Lo-fi, future bass

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

Irish producer New Atlas taps into a very particular type of psychological hot mess in his new single “Lay Low” – yes, we’re talking about daddy issues. And specifically, falling for people who have those issues that draws you even stronger if you happen to have some parental baggage of your own. It’s dark, lo-fi and filled with colossal future bass hooks that exudes an ominous magnetism that channel the Law of Fatal Attraction:

“‘Lay Low’ is about thinking I was falling for a girl with daddy issues, but realising she just made me feel less alone with mine. On the day I moved back into my mum’s place in Ireland I woke up at 4am with the ‘Lay Low’ melody bouncing around in my head. I sat down the next day wrote and recorded the song. I took a step back and realised how special it was to me.” Shared New Atlas.

Owen McKenna is the mastermind behind New Atlas who started this project back in October 2016. He has been featured in BBC radio, TV, and press for his works in previous years. He is currently songsmithing in the creative wonderland where all great artists come from – mom’s house.