Adam Melchor’s “3 Hours Ahead” Is An Ode To Friendships In Different Time Zones

Subtly lush folk

Photo: Andrew Keyser

LA-based artist Adam Melchor pays tribute to a friendship that overcomes different time zones, distance, and addiction in his new single “3 Hours Ahead.” It’s a minimalistic shoegaze folk track where we’re swirled into the synthgasmic abyss of the soundscape. Based on Adam’s own experience of reconnecting with a friend who moved to another state to get sober, “3 Hours Ahead” captures that sentiment of nostalgia and rekindling an old bond in heart-warming melody – this feels like a hug:

Although Adam has been living in LA for 3 months, he has already worked with renowned songwritiers such as Amy Alien (Halsey’s “Without Me,” Selena Gomez’ “Back To You), Andrew Sario (Big Thief, Arlie), and Taste (Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa). Be on the lookout for more Adam’s own works in the upcoming months.