American Authors’ Guitarist Van Bellman Drops “All This Time” For Broken Romance

Dedicated to all singles/dumpees for this Valentine’s Day

Photo: Courtesy of Mora May PR

American Authors guitarist Van Bellman has dropped his latest solo “All This Time” just in time before Valentine’s Day for all the single creatures and recent dumpees out there. It’s a cheerily sad dance single that transports you into a retro-esque dream where you feel like the protagonist of an 80s love film – and you’re about to break up or do the last dance scene. Enjoy:

“I initially wrote ‘All This Time’ for Connell Cruise, who was label mates with my other band American Authors on Island Records a couple years ago, but has since moved back to South Africa where he just won Dancing With the Stars. But I always loved this song and I didn’t want it to fall through the cracks.” shared Van. “I’m mainly a guitarist but I love writing on piano because I can come across some happy accidents. That’s where the piano riff came from: a toy piano gathering dust in the corner of Mission Sound studio with one broken key, which you can hear in the track if you listen closely. I composed the string section digitally and had my friends Marie Kim (currently playing keys for Mitski) and Andy Baldwin (acclaimed mixing engineer for Björk, Cat Power, St Lucia, yours truly) replace it with actual cello and violin, which is truly a sonic treat in today’s digital age.”

Van will be releasing more of his solo work this year, so stay tuned.