Julia Rakel Reflects On Our Habit To Hoard Shallow Acquaintances In “People”

Lo-fi meditation

Photo: Emma Karlsmark Elfstrand

Swedish artist Julia Rakel toys with lo-fi pop atmosphere in her new single “People” – a semi-monotonous track where Julia reflects on all of the acquaintances we tend to accumulate over the years. If you’ve ever felt forced into a dreadful chit chat with someone you know, then “People” is just right for you. With dreamy layers and ironic lyrics, “People” is a gorgeous lo-fi track that analyzes our tendency to waste time on having these forced conversations:

“The song came to life after a house party I attended a couple of months ago. The following day I wrote and recorded People. It’s quite the cynical one about the shallow acquaintances we collect during the years. Although none of us is particularly interested in what ‘you’ve been up to recently’ or ‘how work is going’, we still insist on having these very forced and super boring conversations over and over again. There’s a reason why we never say ‘hi’ anymore.” shared Julia.

“People” is from Julia’s upcoming debut EP indie fEElz, which will be out on March 15th. The gal has a show tonight in Stockholm and will be announcing more dates soon:

2/12 – Obaren (Stockholm, Sweden)