Kid Dad Rocks Out Between Introversion & Extroversion In “Naked Creatures”

Don’t half-ass – always go all the way.

Photo: Courtesy of Earshot Media

German rockers Kid Dad swings between the extreme ends of introversion and extroversion in their new single “Naked Creature.” Listen kids, if there’s anything you need to learn from Kid Dad is to not half-ass things – always go all the way. Whether it is wanting to be a quiet hermit in your personal cocoon or being rockers surrounded by a mob of mad crowd disease. Watch the video below:

“I wrote this song two years ago while I was spending some very calm and therapeutic time in Switzerland. I cut myself off from the world around me and cocooned myself in my great uncle’s organ room. The song plays on two extremes – introvertism and extrovertism – we have always combined these two elements, but never to this extent.” Shared the guitarist/vocalist Marius Vieth.

Kid Rock will embark on their European tour with their fellow rockers The Deadnotes soon. Go check ‘em out:

20.02.2019 London UK The Monarch

21.02.2019 Glasgow UK Bloc+

22.02.2019 Worcester UK Annie’s at the Courtyard

23.02.2019 Watford UK LP Café

23.02.2019 Bournemouth UK The Anvil

24.02.2019 Brighton UK The Hope & Ruin

27.02.2019 Darmstadt DE Oetinger Villa

28.02.2019 Stuttgart DE Kap Tormentoso

01.03.2019 St. Georgen AT Fümreif

02.03.2019 Linz AT Secret Location

03.03.2019 Hamburg DE Astra Stube

04.03.2019 Gothenburg SWE Sekten

05.03.2019 Stockholm SWE Spinnrocken

06.03.2019 Copenhagen DK Råhuset

07.03.2019 Kiel DE Schaubude

08.03.2019 Capelle Aan den Ijssel NL Capsloc

09.03.2019 Münster DE Gleis 22