Taali Takes Indie Pop To Fierce Level In “Star” Ft. José James

A celebration of artistry and individuality

Photo: Karston Tannis

NY artist Taali joins creative forces with her business/life partner José James in new indie pop single “Star.” The track starts off with a tiptoing fashion where the soft chord strikes and silvery vocals of Taali sets you into a self-reflective mode. But as soon as her voice starts interacting with José’s, another dynamic layer of chemistry is created – fierce chemistry of self-empowerment and desire to create. Stream below:

“We wrote ‘Star’ for ourselves and our fellow dreamers worldwide; those looking for creation, connection, and love,” explains Taali. “We specifically wrote and sang our own verses, different both melodically and lyrically, to showcase where we were in our lives at that moment. Personally, I wanted to speak to finally stepping into my power, a theme I address throughout I Am Here.” shared the duo.
“Star” is from the duo’s upcoming debut album I Am Here, which will be out on March 22. The duo will also play an album release show in New York in April, so don’t miss them:
4/4 – Le Poisson Rouge (New York City, NY, USA)